7 ways to save on your next holiday

Travelling the world like a first class baller isn’t necessarily achievable for us common folk, but that doesn’t mean you need to travel on the cheap. Here at Credit Savvy, we’re always looking for clever ways to save and we’ve compiled a list of seven tips to help you save on your next holiday. 1. Research is your friend This is pretty obvious, right? Preparation is key! Keep your destination and dates flexible. Sign up to travel sites and airline newsletters and you’ll be alerted straight away when a great deal comes up and be prepared to act quickly if your dream destination goes on sale. Don’t forget, these companies also advertise their promotions on their social media accounts too, so they’re worth a follow. Looking for cheap flights for your next holiday? Check out our blog post: 8 ways to find the cheapest flights in Australia 2. Create a budget…

5 FAQs about Defaults | Credit Savvy Blog

Defaults – What are they? Why do you have one? Why is it still on my credit report when I’ve paid it off!? Well just relax, knowledge is power and we’re here to answer your FAQs on defaults so you are in the know.