Travelling the world like a first class baller isn’t necessarily achievable for us common folk, but that doesn’t mean you need to travel on the cheap. Here at Credit Savvy, we’re always looking for clever ways to save and we’ve compiled a list of seven tips to help you save on your next holiday.

1. Research is your friend

This is pretty obvious, right? Preparation is key! Keep your destination and dates flexible. Sign up to travel sites and airline newsletters and you’ll be alerted straight away when a great deal comes up and be prepared to act quickly if your dream destination goes on sale. Don’t forget, these companies also advertise their promotions on their social media accounts too, so they’re worth a follow.

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2. Create a budget

Who wants to go on holiday only to come back to a massive credit card bill because you went on a crazy shopping spree? Not us! That’s why it’s important to create a budget before you head off. Here are a few items we often forget to consider: alcohol, tax, sightseeing/activities, souvenirs, gifts and shopping, hotel transfers, tips, and emergency funds. Another way to ease your mind while you’re enjoying the finer things overseas is to have saved a little something each pay into a separate account as buffer money before your trip so you know that at least you’re not coming back to empty bank accounts.

3. Travel credit card, travel money card, or cash?

There’s no right answer with this question as each option has their own merits.

  • Cash is great for small purchases where you don’t want to or can’t swipe your card, and it’s a good idea to have a small amount of local currency on you at all times in case of emergencies.
  • A travel credit card on the other hand has zero foreign transaction fees on overseas purchases and may offer you additional benefits such as reward points on your purchases or complimentary insurance covers.
  • Or there’s travel money cards which only allow you to spend as much as you have loaded on to the card, which is great for budgeting.

Whether you choose to go with one payment option or a combination of the three, make sure you’re aware of any additional fees you might incur when using them. For more information, check out our article: 4 ways to pay for things on your next overseas trip.

4. Go for a holiday package or an all-inclusive resort

Don’t automatically reject the thought of a package holiday. They’re not just for cruises anymore! You can often save on the total cost if you bundle your flights and accommodation together. There are even all-inclusive resorts that have everything you need in one location. Usually included in the cost is your accommodation, meals and drinks, and access to all the facilities at the resort.

5. Eat local

Eat where the locals eat. The best (and cheapest) meals can often be had in little alleyways or unsuspecting restaurants. Ask the concierge or a few locals where they like to dine. Quick tip, if you’re ordering a cup of coffee, ask the barista where the best lunch/dinner spot is nearby.

6. Turn off roaming

Using your mobile phone while you’re overseas is sure to rack up a hefty phone bill. Put your phone on airplane mode and only use secure WIFI networks. Enjoy your time off the grid, you’re on holidays! If you really can’t stay disconnected, purchase a local sim card when you get to your destination.

7. Be prepared

Create a to-do list before you leave. There are often little tasks that slip our mind like setting up direct debits so our bills get paid, getting travel insurance, making sure you have the correct visa. Luckily, the Credit Savvy team have come up with a travel check list to get you prepared for your next trip.


Do you have a tip to save on your next holiday? Let us know in the comments below.
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