Dads are insufferable. Is that right? Hang on. Dads are insufferable when it comes to presents. Getting ideas out of them is like getting sense from a politician. With Father’s Day upon us you might be a little stuck so here’s a few suggestions to stick a smile on the old man’s dial whilst not breaking the bank.

Sock subscription

Ah socks. That most reliable of stock-standard dad present. But wait! You can have some fun with it. A raft of internet-based services have sprung up that can deliver a different pair of socks every month or so. Google is your friend.

Reusable coffee cup

Takeaway cups are bad. We could pull the stats, talk about how they don’t recycle well or biodegrade and even stick a picture of landfill to illustrate the point but let’s just move on. Disposable = Bad. Reusable = Good. Hooray! Plus there is even a movement among coffee shops to offer little discounts to customers using their own cups or mugs. Winner!

Beard grooming kit

Is your dad sporting a wild beard that makes him look like he’s been wandering the dessert for the last six months? Pick up some special beard shampoo and conditioner, oil, and balm to tame those bad boys.

Beer tasting

Whose dad doesn’t like an ice cold stubby? Instead of buying your dad a six pack from the local bottle-o, head to a brewery for a beer tasting. Bonus points if your beers come on a paddle! Dad’s not a beer drinker? No worries! There are plenty of distilleries that do other tasting tours.

Beer or bread making kit

Is your dad more a DIY-er? Instead of heading out to tasting why not allow him to make it himself? Or if he’s not a beer fan how about warm home-made bread – delicious! There are a great array of beer or bread making kits around for under $50 so your dad could make his own signature brew or bake!

A Drone

Is dad just a big kid at heart? Well why not get him a grown up toy like a drone to fool around with? He’ll have hours of fun flying it and you can have hours of fun watching the drone videos or photos he takes!

So hopefully we’ve given you an idea to suit your dad – but when it comes down to it, the things he’ll really appreciate are free and easy, let him have a sleep in, cook him a meal (breakfast is always a fave), and spend some time with the old man and you’ll be making his day.

While you’re at it, you should ask him if he’s ever checked his credit score! And did he know that he can check it for free in minutes with your friends at Credit Savvy!

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