You’ve probably learnt a lot of important facts about your partner while getting to know them – their birthday, the names of their family members, where they work, if they have any allergies – but have you ever talked about their credit score?

Finances can become an important element of any relationship (whether good or bad) and if you’re looking at one day joining you and your partner’s finances together you should both be aware of what you’re combining.

Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why you should know your partner’s score:

1. They might be really bad with their finances

Sometimes we keep things from our partners, especially if we’re a little embarrassed. It could be a secret credit card that you use for all that online shopping or maybe you’re just really bad a paying your bills on time. Either way, your credit score can reveal those secrets that you have about your credit history and being open and honest is the first step to improving your financial situation.


2. You can work together to improve your credit scores

Working towards your financial goals or putting yourself on a budget isn’t always fun, but if you have a supportive partner to help you along the way it’s a lot easier to stay on track. Keep each other accountable on those bad spending habits and have a look at each other’s credit reports to see where you can make some improvements.


3. You could get a better deal

Your credit score can affect your ability to get a home loan, a personal loan to pay for your wedding or even a joint phone plan. It can also affect the interest rate and fees that you pay on these credit products.

If you or your partner have a great credit score, you could unlock some better deals. For example, SocietyOne and MoneyPlace offer borrowers personal loans with interest rates tailored to their credit score.


Has your partner checked their credit score? They can do it for free right now at Credit Savvy!


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