You might’ve noticed that there has been an increase in sites offering you access to your credit score.  So who do you go with? We might be a touch biased but we’re happy to delve into what makes Credit Savvy different from the rest and let you make up your own mind.


# It’s free

Yep, completely and utterly free, we will never ask you for any sort of payment details.


# It’s secure

We use bank level encryption technology to protect your data, so no one else can get at it.


# We will never give or sell your details on to anyone else

While other credit score sites have links to debt collection agencies or lenders to whom they may give access to your personal data resulting in cold calls and unsolicited emails, we will never do that to you – we respect your privacy.

At Credit Savvy we’re proud of our independence and have partnered with Experian (the largest global credit reporting body). Even though we are backed by Aussie Home Loans, we won’t even share your details with them – unless you specifically ask us to.


# Access to more than just a number

Some sites will just give you a score with no explanation of what is on your report to make that score what it is – what use is that? With Credit Savvy you have access to not only your score but a summary of your Experian credit file as well so you can see what’s behind your score and if the information held on you is correct.


# You can have access whenever you like

Unlike other credit score sites who may only give you a score update every 6 months, we give you access to your score and report whenever (and wherever) you like – just log in and take a look – your score and report information will be updated every month so you can track exactly what’s going on as it happens.


# We’ll send you alerts when something happens on your file

As soon as we know, you’ll know.  If something major happens on your credit file, we will send you an alert email so that you know what’s going on and can check to make sure it’s legit. This means that not only can you see how your actions affect your score but you can catch an error or fraudulent entry on your file as soon as it is reported and get it corrected.


# You can see how your score compares

Getting a credit score is all well and good, but how do you know where you stand in relation to the average Aussie? Well just take a look at our Credit Index tool. We’ll show how you stack up against the rest of Australia, your state, postcode, age and gender – so you can make relevant comparisons and see where you stand.


# We help you put your score to use

Once you’ve got your score and understand what’s behind it, we then help you put it to work! Your score could mean you could get a lower tailored interest rate on some loan products. Our comparison site will show you hundreds of current credit card and loan deals that could save you money and whether they will suit your credit score all in one convenient place.


# But don’t just let us tell you

Not to blow our own trumpet but here’s a few things our members had to say about us:

“Credit Savvy have given me helpful tips and told me things that I would not have known so I can get on top of my credit score. THANKYOU.” – Karen

“It used to be quite daunting and expensive, to keep paying for a report… but this site enables people to see first-hand just what it all means to have good credit rating, to get on top of things and to rectify the problems” – Mark

“It’s just so useful to know how you’re travelling credit -wise. Thanks for providing this great free service” – Kathy


So, there are just a few of the things that set us apart from the pack.

Getting smart about credit has never been so simple, so why not join us and become a Credit Savvy member >


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