Whether you’re trying to impress that special someone or you just want to go on a mate date, dinner and drinks gets a bit old (well not really – but it’s nice to mix it up sometimes).  So the Savvy Team have sussed out 8 different date ideas in Sydney for a more unique experience that won’t break the bank – just in time for Valentine’s day:


1. Blend your own Gin, Vodka or Whiskey at the Archie Rose Distilling Co.

This new gem of a distillery opened last year and (as seen on the Bachelorette) you can go in for a tour and a tasting, or you can go and mix your very own brew so it’s juuuuust how you like it!


2. LOL with your lover – Go see some comedy

“I just want someone with a great sense of humour..” – everyone likes to laugh, right? So why not break the ice on that first date and go to one of Sydney’s open mic or comedy nights. The Giant Dwarf is a hidden gem in Sydney’s CBD and has comedy shows running nearly every night of the week for a very reasonable price, or alternatively if you’re over east hit up the Sydney Comedy Store in the EQ to see everything from newbies on the comedy scene to old hats testing out new material.


3. Govinda’s dinner and a lie down movie

An all you can eat buffet and then a nice lie down while you watch a movie? – enough said.


4. Late night big kid fun

We’re all big kids at heart, so why let the young ones have all the fun? When they toddle off to bed, the fun places stay open! Celebrate your late bedtimes and take your date to Luna Park (usually open til 10pm) to ride all the rides, or bounce and flip your way into your valentine’s heart at Sky Zone, a trampoline park which is open til 11pm on weekends.


5. Go to one of the many outdoor cinemas


6. Dessert date

Why have a whole dinner date – while the weather’s still warm you could just skip the main and go straight to dessert! There has been a recent boom in delicious and unique dessert venues in Sydney, here are just a few:

  • Eat frozen yoghurt on a swing at Yogurberry
  • Watch your dessert go from liquid to solid before your eyes at N2 Extreme Gelato
  • Say “You can’t put chips in gelato!” and then realise it’s delicious at Messina
  • Have liquid molten chocolate with crunchy waffle balls out of a ‘Hug Mug’ at Max Brenner
  • Have a Deep South USA dessert with a twist at Hartsyard
  • Try one of everything at Zumbo


7. Up high or down low

Not only is the zoo a fun and a different place to take a date, but now at Taronga you can get a whole different perspective and see the animals from up high on their wild ropes course.

If heights aren’t your thing but you’re looking for something active, why not head out on the water and try out stand up paddle boarding or kayaking? Nothing bonds two people more than trying to look calm and cool while their legs shake trying to balance on a paddle board, or going round in circles while trying to dual paddle a kayak – there are lots of places to hire SUP boards at beaches and bays around Sydney, and there are even kayaking tours you can go on around the harbour and coastline.


8. Check your credit score together – how romantic!

Well maybe not, but while you’re being original and savvy, why not check your credit score for free at Credit Savvy and get to know where you stand with your finances. We’re already helping over 200k Savvy Aussies monitor their credit reputation and in our opinion a high credit score is very attractive to any prospective date!


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