The Credit Savvy team have created a list of five tips to help you get through the holiday season in good financial shape.

1. Stick to your holiday budget

It’s easy to throw your measured spending out the window come holiday time. However, if you’re not careful, it’s quite easy to start your new year with a credit hangover. Set yourself a budget, build in a buffer for those unexpected costs, and do your best to stick to it.

2. Plan ahead

Whether it’s a car rental, flights or clothes, the closer you get to peak holiday season, the more expensive it’s going to get. Get organised sooner rather than later and you might snap up some bargains.

 3. Check (and protect) your credit reputation

Holidays are a time where you might be using your credit card more frequently, or in different places. Help protect yourself against identity fraud by using secure online websites for online shopping and holiday bookings, and don’t forget to use a free service like Credit Savvy to ensure there are no suspicious entries on your credit file.

 4. Familiarise yourself with your credit card benefits

Your credit card may offer benefits such as extended warranty, accidental damage insurance and complimentary travel insurance. While checking your credit card policy may not sound like the most enjoyable holiday read, it could prove very worthwhile!

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 5. Set up direct debits

Missed repayments can be recorded on your credit file so make sure you stay on top of bills by setting up direct debits where possible.


Do you have a savings tip? We’d love to hear it in the comments section below!

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