It’s that time again. The time where it’s completely acceptable to have the TV on 24/7 and a stockpile of food that is easily consumed on your lap, the time where coming into work bleary eyed after being up at 2am has a whole different context.

That’s right, it’s Olympic time.

So while we are all glued to and cheering at the TV, don’t let the rest of your life go by the wayside – here are 10 life admin tasks that you can easily complete in the time span of an annoying ad break so you can feel productive, smug and grown up. #adulting

  1. Do that pile of laundry in the corner of your bedroom – it takes about a minute to put on a load of washing, and if you’re speedy you can even use a future ad break to hang it out, and you want to know an excellent in front of TV activity? – Ironing. Tick, tick, tick!
  1. Get your groceries – Most major supermarkets (Coles, Woolworths etc) and some local state providers now offer home delivery, plus the majority of the time the delivery is free when you spend over a certain amount! So why battle the crowds when you can do a full shop from your couch? There are even websites like Shopwings now that can help you find a grocer that will deliver in your area.
  1. Check your credit score – being informed about your financial standing is a pretty important piece of life admin. In Australia, lenders like banks and credit card companies can use your credit score to assess the risk of lending you money – so you should definitely check it out! Here at Credit Savvy we give you completely free access to your credit score and report and it takes only about 60 seconds to sign up. Quick, easy, and clever – Winning!
  1. Make that appointment that you’ve been putting off – whether it be the dentist, hairdresser, accountant, or dinner with the parents – we all have that appointment that we’ve been meaning to make for months – well procrastinate no longer! If you have a phone in front of you there is no excuse – a majority of places these days have online appointment systems and if not (e.g. parentals), a quick phone call is all it takes.
  1. Set up automatic payments – always forget when that credit card payment is due? Make your life easier and set up direct debits so you never have to remember again! Most banking apps will have this function available to you so you can do it online or on your phone – quick, easy, effective – hopefully you’ll never be late on a payment again.
  1. Filing – be it digital or hard copy filing, alas this is still something we have to do especially for the tax man. If you still get paper bills/invoices from your providers then get that binder out! If you’re annoyed that you’re still getting paper bills – then use this time to go on to your provider’s app/website/portal and switch your preference to paper free and go digital from now on!
  1. Speaking of emails – clear that inbox! Nothing more annoying than looking down at that number in the red bubble that seems to increase exponentially as the weeks go on – take some time to file or delete those emails that you have read or never intend to read!
  1. Clean out your wallet/bag – still have those essential lunch receipts from 2010, and your business cards from 3 jobs ago bulking out your wallet or weighing down your bag? The satisfaction of cleaning these out is immense. Your bag will be lighter, your wallet more streamlined, your life a little bit better.
  1. Reply to people – whether it be outstanding text messages, emails or social media messages, get those replies done and dusted and earn brownie points with your friends and family.
  1. Get physical – if watching finely tuned athletes on TV is awakening your inner gym junkie then ad breaks are ideal to churn out some reps of your chosen exercise – living room burpees, squats, and sit ups – GO!

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