It seems a fact of life now that we are rated, ranked and scored in a number of ways. And it’s just human nature to want to know how we are viewed by others. Though short of straight up asking, it isn’t always possible.

We created Credit Savvy because we wanted to make it easier for people to have free, easy and ongoing access to their credit score, which is used to indicate an individual’s credit worthiness. Our Credit Index feature even tells you how your score compares with the rest of Australia, your state, postcode, age and gender.

Well what about other scores that are out there? Some are obvious and easy to find, whereas others are a little more hidden.

Platforms like eBay have user ratings at their very core. Users get rated as buyers and sellers and star ratings and reviews can be written as a result of each of their transactions. This being the case, it is pretty straightforward to find out how you and others might rate.

But what about the harder ones to find?

Now, if you’ve ever used Uber to get somewhere you might know that you can rate your driver after each trip. Well did you know that your driver can also rate you as a passenger?

Until recently it has been very hard to find out what your star rating (out of 5) is. A recent change to the Uber app has made it a lot easier to find out. Here’s how:

  1. When you open the Uber app, hit the menu icon in the top left
  2. Under the ‘Help’ option, select ‘Account and Payment’
  3. This sends you to another menu, select the ‘Account Settings and Ratings’ option
  4. You can now see a bunch of options, one of which is ‘I’d like to know my rating’
  5. Selecting this will give you a summary about the rating system and what it is for along with a ‘submit’ button to find out yours

Drum roll….

And there it is! An overlay appears with that precious rating.

Of course the closer it is to 5, the better. If you have a lower rating you might find it a bit more difficult to get a ride.

Oh, and want a great rating? Well the advice from Uber themselves includes making sure your pick-up location is accurate, not keeping the driver waiting and of course being generally nice and polite!

Have you checked your credit score recently? Do you use any other rating systems? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.


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