Here at Credit Savvy, we’re committed to demystifying the world of credit. We’ve created an infographic that visualises how your credit reputation could be affected by a range of factors – including some you might never have considered!


Many of us know we should pay our bills on time, but did you know that making too many credit applications in a short time frame could negatively impact your credit reputation?

As our Managing Director Dirk says, “We’ve created this infographic to help everyone understand how important it is to track their credit score over time, and take positive steps to manage their credit reputation.”

In the new financial year, we are likely to see lenders starting to opt in to comprehensive credit reporting. In other words, for the average Aussie, this means more information about their credit arrangements and credit history can be shared between lenders – yet another reason to proactively manage your credit reputation.

One of the best ways of monitoring your credit reputation is to track your credit score and check your credit file regularly. That way you can take steps to correct any errors and also understand what might be affecting your score.

Here are our top tips for the New Financial Year:
  • Pay your bills & loan repayments on time
  • Don’t apply for too much credit in a short time frame
  • Stay away from specialty finance providers like payday lenders
  • Monitor your credit score over time
  • Check your credit file for errors that may be unfairly impacting your credit reputation
  • Be patient – it takes time to improve your credit health
  • Sign-up to Credit Savvy to track your credit score for free

Here’s to a savvy New Financial Year!



  1. How many credit applications do you have to have on file for it to damage your score? What’s a safe amount of time to wait between credit applications?

    • Melissa Ng Reply

      Hi Katie,

      Thanks for getting in touch. When it comes to applying for credit, each provider has their own credit lending criteria that they abide by, so there isn’t a general rule of thumb as to how many applications is too many or how long you should wait between applications. It is also worth noting that credit providers use more than just your credit score in determining the status of your application. They’ll also look at your income, assets and expenses.

      Kind regards,
      Mel from The Credit Savvy Team

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