Here at Credit Savvy, we’re worried that Joe Hockey may be missing out and unwittingly damaging his credit score!

Press coverage in the past week indicates that Mr. Hockey has two properties in his name, however four are listed as owned by his wife, investment banker, Melissa Babbage.

Something to consider when making applications for credit, especially when considering real estate, is that if all applications are made in the name of one partner, the other person may not build up their credit file. This could affect their ability to get credit in the future.

We’d like to invite Mr. Hockey to sign up and see where he currently stands. As our MD Dirk says, “We think it is especially important to know what’s on your file so you can see where you stand, check for errors and make sure you are in the best possible position for your next credit application. It might be the difference you need to break into a housing market like Sydney!”

So go on Joe, give us a go!


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